Organizational Development Firm

Usually these types of organizational development firms are consultants with various tools; most times custom built to reflect their philosophy and management style.  At best they develop a hierarchy of business needs and then try to advise how to solve any issues that have arisen or fill those identified needs.  At worse they are what I like to call “pigeon managers.”  They fly in, crap on everything you’re doing and fly out.

I have found over the years that most of these firms can provide valuable information but the real key is will you follow their instructions when they are not easy to listen to.  let’s face it; we all want to be proud of our company, family, kids, etc.  When a firm like these comes in and evaluates your company and they are critical, most times business owners or CEO’s take those assessments very critically and get offended or upset.

If you have the forethought and good judgment to hire on of the firms, then have an equally amount of character to accept what they tell you and try to follow through with their recommendations.