The Advent Of Buying Hearing Aids Online

One of the last bastions of brick and mortar businesses is the hearing aid industry. The manufacturers have been resisting letting audiologists sell their hearing aids online because they fear losing their market share.  They haven’t realized some of the simple facts of online sales.

The largest hotel company doesn’t own a room; VRBO.  The largest taxi company in the world doesn’t own a car; UBER and the largest retailer in the world didn’t start with one storefront. The times they are a changin’ folks.  There are hearing online retailers doing hundreds of sales a month “under the radar” because the manufacturers want the sales, but they don’t want anyone to know.

hearing aids
hearing Aids come in all shapes, sizes and colors.

The stats are staggering.  The average hearing aid user suffers 8 years before they get a hearing device. All the studies done in the last ten years intimate that hearing loss is an epidemic where almost 30% of the population will lose a good percentage of their hearing before they are 65.

With hearing loss running at epidemic levels and the hearing aid manufacturers trying to exploit the marketplace by charging 300 to 500% markups, the vertical is primed to explode and online sales will follow.  If the likes of Sears and JC Penney couldn’t stop it, why does some small manufacturer of hearing aids believe they can?  The day has come as evidenced by the law before Congress right now to enable us to buy hearing aids over the counter without getting scammed for $5000 to $8000 for a pair of hearing devices that cost them $400 to manufacture.

Drain Cleaning Services in Massachusetts

I met a man named David Harper a few weeks back and the thing that made him unique is that he actually said to me that drain cleaning is his life.  He is single and loves to work.  Dave wakes up in the morning thinking about how many clogged toilets he could fix today and the thing that surprised me the most was that his passion was helping people and the more the better.

I thought big jobs would be the choice jobs in his business so he could make more money, but he told me that he preferred to do 5 or 6 jobs a day for about $230 each.  He really doesn’t want these huge jobs where they have to dig up a basement or the front yard to fix a blockage, because they take so long and when he’s tied up for a day or two helping one family, he isn’t out helping four more families in the interim.

The other thing he told me during our conversations was that he preferred to work only in about 25 cities.  If he had to go into Boston, the travel time took too much out of his working day even though he could charge more in Boston, he wasn’t interested.

I find comfort that there are still people out there who get up every day wanting to help people at a fair price.  He’s not interested in gouging anyone and in fact is really cheap when you think about it.  He works in some of the worst messes you can imagine and loves it.

So, my blatant plug is to call Minuteman Drain Cleaning if you find yourself knee deep in sewage outside of Boston and be happy that there are Dave Harpers left in this country because for the life of me, I have a hell of a time finding many of them.

What Accelerated BSN Degree Programs Are Best?

When looking at Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing Programs (BSN), it’s best to look at what universities have been at it the longest.  Many of the “new online universities hire one instructor and say they have a curriculum.  The issue becomes when you get your degree and start looking for placement.

Nurses are in demand all over the country but all BSN degrees are not created equal. If you are interested in finding the best BSN programs, I’d start by searching through the reviews once you find a program you can afford and a little trick that I have found is to look at alumni donations.

If they are successful and have had a good experience at the university, they are far more apt to donate back to the University.

Finally Found The Car Parts I Needed

I spent a heck of a lot of time trying to find auto parts for my classic cars.  I rehab a car a year and usually the best places to find rare parts are from companies that buy junk cars.  They usually have a wealth of parts stored and inventoried in their yards or they have relationships with other salvage yards and they share their lists of parts.

It’s almost a science when trying to find vintage parts for old cars you’re trying to restore.  The salvage business has grown up around these large inventories of parts all around the country.  I haven’t spent anytime trying to go overseas but from what I have read, Cuba has a huge demand for these parts because all of their cars are from the 40’s and 50’s; mostly all American makes and models.

Chicago Car Buyer

We ran across a company today that was just about the best customer service experience I’ve had in Chicago or anywhere for that matter.  We had a car breakdown and we called this company whose site was cash for car in Chicago.  I have never dealt with them before but they couldn’t have been nicer.  They gave us a price, showed up on time, called ahead of time and even paid us in cash for the car.

Why can’t more companies be like this.  A few weeks ago we bought carpeting from one of the big advertisers in Chicago and Holy God what a terrible experience.  They never showed up after we took the day off.  They then showed up three days later, started the job and left after two hours and came back a week later.

I’m actually hoping one of the kids’ cars breaks down soon so I can call these folks again.  Thank you again!