What Accelerated BSN Degree Programs Are Best?

When looking at Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing Programs (BSN), it’s best to look at what universities have been at it the longest.  Many of the “new online universities hire one instructor and say they have a curriculum.  The issue becomes when you get your degree and start looking for placement.

Nurses are in demand all over the country but all BSN degrees are not created equal. If you are interested in finding the best BSN programs, I’d start by searching through the reviews once you find a program you can afford and a little trick that I have found is to look at alumni donations.

If they are successful and have had a good experience at the university, they are far more apt to donate back to the University.

Finally Found The Car Parts I Needed

I spent a heck of a lot of time trying to find auto parts for my classic cars.  I rehab a car a year and usually the best places to find rare parts are from companies that buy junk cars.  They usually have a wealth of parts stored and inventoried in their yards or they have relationships with other salvage yards and they share their lists of parts.

It’s almost a science when trying to find vintage parts for old cars you’re trying to restore.  The salvage business has grown up around these large inventories of parts all around the country.  I haven’t spent anytime trying to go overseas but from what I have read, Cuba has a huge demand for these parts because all of their cars are from the 40’s and 50’s; mostly all American makes and models.

Chicago Car Buyer

We ran across a company today that was just about the best customer service experience I’ve had in Chicago or anywhere for that matter.  We had a car breakdown and we called this company whose site was cash for car in Chicago.  I have never dealt with them before but they couldn’t have been nicer.  They gave us a price, showed up on time, called ahead of time and even paid us in cash for the car.

Why can’t more companies be like this.  A few weeks ago we bought carpeting from one of the big advertisers in Chicago and Holy God what a terrible experience.  They never showed up after we took the day off.  They then showed up three days later, started the job and left after two hours and came back a week later.

I’m actually hoping one of the kids’ cars breaks down soon so I can call these folks again.  Thank you again!